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I am Estonian artist: graphic artist and painter, living on the countryside in an old farmhouse near a little lake in South-Estonia. I moved to countryside on romantic aspirations, as I value beautiful scenery, nature and open space around myself. Country life with its serene and silent atmosphere is a perfect setting for creativity. I live in sparsely populated area, from the windows I can see a lake, a forest and numerous birds and animals. The lake is the first thing I see in the morning. Every day I enjoy water reflections from the window.
In winter time, when nature is covered with snow I have more time for creative work – for painting and drawing.
The colder the weather outside the warmer and brighter the colours of my works become. Somewhere, there is always summer, hot and full of sunlight, even if it is cold and dark in Estonia and lakes are covered with thick ice. Paintings with tropically bright colours bring warmth to the heart and soul in northern frost. I paint what is close to heart.
Artist should enjoy the process of creation and the piece in progress should also touch the heart of its creator, by doing so, others will experience the result with greater emotion. Artist should strive for perfection, seek eternity. While creating art, one should not forget that life is more important than art and being a human is more important than being an artist.

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  1. N-Jon Ellendersen

    Love your work, esp. your litographic work.
    I come from the Faroe Islands and would call myself multiartistic. Last year I had an exhib together with an estonian artist, Josh Totsi, in our capital Tórshavn. I also have visited your lovely country in 2010 and have a lot of estonian friends.
    For the time being I’m working on a book about finances and how much damage the neolibiral political model has made to our countries and Europe as a whole. Last year I published a poetrycollection. I also work as a songwriter and have written some 150 songs, but I’m not the only one. We have a very wide range of artists allthough we are a small country with a very small population – 48000 citizens.
    This was just ment to be a short notice, but I was carried away.
    I also want to wish you a happy new year and a lot of blessings in 2013.


  2. Olaf Reckangel

    Dear Kalli,

    you’ve been at my birthdayparty in Dresden, Saxonia in East-Germany.
    Thank you for coming and staying in the evening at the party with livemusic by TAMTAM.
    Thank you for the dance in that night. Your red color was wonderfull and lightning in the dark.
    Thank you for the gift, the sphinx in yellow red.

    If you are in Germany again, please take contact to us, if you are in interest. We, Gabi, makeup-Artist und me Olaf, Architekt in the field of Churches , are ready for contact. Gabi ia also painting and making funny thinks in art, so also with Katharina Lewonig (you lived in Dresden).

    We ve been in Estonia in 2019 on the Tour trough Latvia . We are staying only in the town of Tallin und walking all time trough the city.

    I looked you website, and find funny pictures in color.
    An a photo of your atelier by the seaside. Wonderfull room-proportions and natural light.

    If you are in interest, write me please via web.
    Mail o.recknagel (at)
    Mobil +49 172 3756375

    Thank you for the chance to have contact and dancing.
    Wonderfull night for birthday. And you as a special gast, far away from Baltic.
    Take care und be happy in your live.

    Happy and with regards
    Olaf Recknagel,