Estonian graphic artist, painter, illustrator


I love silence. The fact that I am living in countryside between deep woods, makes me notice and painfully react to people’s behaviour in the nature. Modern human being loves chainsaws more than living trees, economic profit is more important than the nature. Land owners count trees in forests like money in their pockets. The meaning of forest to people has changed right in front of me, Estonians have changed, country people have become city people. According to Estonian natural religion, the nature was sacred, all native trees and forests deserved respect and preservation. Visiting the woods purifies the soul as going to sauna purifies the body. While driving around, it is more common to see clear-cuttings and less common to see untouched forests. What are those dreams that money from selling wood helps to fulfill? More fancy cars? Wilder parties or tropical vacations? Bigger TV, modern technology, softer furniture? Will it get any better? How long will these things stay? By valuing momentary satisfaction, several generations old trees are cut down. The time it takes trees grow back on empty areas is longer than the lifespan of those who profited.